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    So hot right now…. Outer Space

    by  • Tuesday, October 20, 2015 • Uncategorized • 3 Comments

    Having recently watched dishy Matt Damon star in The Martian, my space obsession has once again been ignited (originally fired up by Matthew McConaughey when watching Intersteller, oh and George Clooney helped in Gravity- put a man in a space suit and I’m weak at the knees) and it seems I’m not the only one. This intergalactic-inspired trend has made its way into interiors and its big. Fancy a detailed mural of Pluto on your wall? Well turns out the clever people of NASA have kindly passed on their actual photos which have now been made into wall coverings. Sure. Looking to map out constellations while nursing your morning coffee? Not a problem. Wanna eat your dinner off of the moon? Of course you do and its totes possible.

    Just take a look at all these space-age beauties…..


    1. Pluto space wall mural, from £23.50 per sq m, Murals Wallpaper. 2. The Great Bear Constellation mug, £18, Lollipop Designs. 3. Stars Wars R2D2 Tin, £10, Marks and Spencer.  4. Space cushion, £28, By Christopher Bennett at Art Rookie.  5. Space adventures cupcake kit, £5.95, Dotcomgiftshop. 


    1. Cosmic dinner plate, Venus, £38; 2. Cosmic dinner plate, Pluto, £38; 3. Cosmic dinner plate, Titan, £38; 4. Cosmic dinner plate, Jupiter, £29 all Diesel with Seletti at Amara. 


    1.Childrens Astronaut duvet bed linen, £44.95, Snurk at Cuckooland.  2. Moon cushion, £15, Etsy. 3. Look up clock, £27, by Danny Welch at Art Rookie.


    1. Count your lucky stars print, £18, The Calm Gallery. 2. Constellation tray, £5, George.  3. Constellation paper parcel tape, £9.50, Lollipop Design.  4. Decorative telescope, £24.99, TK Maxx. 5. Westlunder cluster space wall mural, from £23.50 per sq m, Murals Wallpaper.



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    The Joy of HomeSense (OR, Where To Find An Angora Throw For Eight English Pounds, No, Really)

    by  • Friday, May 6, 2011 • Decorating and interiors, Lovely websites, News, Stylish shopping • 5 Comments

    Somewhere, on a soulless tarmac-covered, out-of-town retail park near you, waits a magical cave of wondrous home-related joy…

    HomeSense is the sister of TK Maxx, but rest assured, there ain’t no comparison. Yeah, so every now and again TK comes up trumps and you stumble across a nice bit of Le Creuset or a bath mat you never knew you needed, but – it’s all so untidy. And homeware seems to be an afterthought, tucked away past the Calvin Klein pants, the peculiar soaps and the ‘decorative’ coloured olive oils with floating, erm, bits.

    HomeSense is just homeware, no fashion, and although there are some great end-of-line products, there are also loads of new designs at low prices, as well as one-off vintage items that the buyers pick up on their travels. It’s a bit hit and miss – you have to pop in regularly to find the best stuff – and stock in every store varies, but it’s well worth a peep. I paid a visit to the Staples Corner store the other day and found Moroccan-style lanterns for under a tenner, pouffes for £29.99 and lots of affordable designer-style outdoor furniture, too.

    I spent a long time playing with these hour glass timers – they come with natural, blue, pink or black sand and would look cool on a mantelpiece. The bird prints are gorgeous, too. I particularly like the bright, tropical-meets-tribal cushions and quilts in-store at the moment, all very Anthropologie SS11, and at such low prices…

    I was amazed by the collection of blankets I saw, too. Row upon row of beautiful cashmere, angora and super-soft lambswool throws in a rainbow of colours. They could have cost hundreds elsewhere, but were all just £19.99 or less. Cue, the amateur photography…

    I picked up a pale pink angora throw for just £8! Kerr-ching. There had just been a big delivery of vintage furniture from India, too, so I had a little look at that, then admired Tolix chairs for £39 each and French grain-sack-covered dining chairs for £99 each…

    Note the little drawers! I resisted buying the metal E, although I WAS tempted. I might have to pop back for that bell jar, though. It was only £7.99…– Ellie

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    KUSMI tea – stylist's treat

    by  • Thursday, October 8, 2009 • Food, Stylish shopping • 10 Comments

    Yesterday I popped into Mitsukoshi on London’s Regent Street to pick up some pretty origami papers and a tin of my favourite Kusmi tea. The tea is delicious, of course. But the real treat is the tin…

    Picture 9This is author and stylist Selina Lake’s kitchen – she’s clearly a Kusmi fan – and no issue of Livingetc magazine is complete without a Kusmi Tea tin prop in at least one photo shoot. The brand was founded in 1867, and today has over 700 followers on Twitter – it’s thriving!


    kusmi_tea_packaging_design_3With Baroque-style funky-coloured tins, and delicious tea, it’s no wonder the Kusmi Tea collection is considered a style statement all over the world.


    Last night I went to the launch party of a new Homesense store in north London. We were taken there on a vintage Routemaster bus, sipping champagne – it was all very decadent! I have to say that I was REALLY impressed. I’ve never been to Homesense before, and I was kind of expecting it to be a bit like TK Maxx, but it was much better. There was loads of really beautiful furniture at tiny prices – I bought a fantastic, retro anglepoise chrome floor lamp for £69.99. I’ve just found the same model online for £225, so I’m pretty chuffed with my bargain buy! I also spotted Missoni blankets and Cath Kidston bedding at low, low prices so I’ll be back! – Ellie

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