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    Get crafty this Christmas. Part two: Candles and personalised wine glasses

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    Following on from my hand-made gift ideas post last weekend, this week I have mainly been waiting for the ‘Black Friday’ email from Hobbycraft to arrive and hurrah, it has! With 20% off everything this weekend, NOW is the time to stock up on some crafting bits and bobs to make your hand-made beauties (while trying not to get distracted by deals for ‘stuff’ instead!). But it’s not the only place to get crafting accessories and tools; Amazon, Laura Ashley, The Range, Paperchase and a whole host of others all have some great deals on items that will make your crafty gifts look oh so profesh. But if you’re not one for getting your hands dirty, there are plenty of DIY kits and ready-made gifts out there too. So it may not have been made by your hands, but it still counts as hand-made!



    Making your own candles is super simple and once you know how, suddenly any empty vessel found lying around the house will be filled with wax and transformed into a pretty, hand-made candle.

    Glass jars are perfect for it and whether you wait until your jam or marmalade runs out, or buy them in bulk online, all you then need are some wax pellets, wax wicks and a pouring container. Pour the pellets into the container, heat gently over the hob until it melts down to liquid, add a couple of drops of fragrance oil (if you wish- otherwise leave them scent-less), place a wax wick into the bottom of the jar and slowly pour in the molten wax leaving about a centimetre at the top. Leave to cool and bobs your uncle!


    1. Yaley premium wax pellets, £9.49, Hobbycraft. 2. Pouring container, £26, Candle Making. 3. Wax wicks, from £2.99, Amazon.

    Here’s one I made earlier this week! It was so easy and super quick and once the wax had set and was cool, I painted a simple gold stripe along the bottom of the jar to add some colour!

    Whether you choose to decorate your jar first, or simple tie a simple ribbon around the top, they make a great gift and the jars can even be re-filled once burn down.


    1.Red wine glass, £14.99 for 6, Littlewoods. 2. Glass etching cream, £6.95, Hobby’s. 

    An ideal wine lover’s gift, this monogrammed glass is simple to do and will go down just like the wine itself, wonderfully! Simply make a stencil from a piece of paper in your chosen shape or letter, place over the glass and secure in place with a piece of masking tape, paint the etching cream into the shape onto the glass, remove the stencil, leave to dry for 10 minutes and then wash with soap and water and buff with a cloth. Pop it in a box with some tissue and there you have it!

    Follow our simple solutions video below for a step by step guide.

    Don’t fancy making your gift and just want to ‘gift’ your gift? Right you are, the below ideas are for you…..


    1.Make your own votive candles kit, £25, Laura Ashley. 2. Personalised drinks measure wine glass, £22, Not on the hughstreet.  3. Start candle making kit, £10, Hobbycraft. 4. Make your own candle kit, £13.50, Etsy. 5. Personlised hi-ball tumbler, £22, Becky Broome. 6. Personalised mason jar mugs, £7 each, Etsy.

    That’s it for this week folks, my final part will be live next weekend when I tackle jam making!!! Until then, happy crafting and don’t get too sucked into Black Friday!!!





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    Get crafty this Christmas. Part one: Get your knit/crochet/stitch on

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    This Christmas I have adopted a ‘hand-made only’ rule to all the chrimbo gifts I shall be giving to nearest and dearest- mainly in an effort to save as much money as possible for 2016 (rather insanely a wedding and house purchase have been planned for the same year- *gulp*) but also because I am fed up with just buying ‘stuff’ and ‘things’, which no matter how much appreciated, at the end of the day, it’s just another top/CD/necklace/book/game to add to the pile and I refuse to add to the consumer craziness that is the Christmas spending spree. (sorry, mini rant over, everything else about Christmas fills my heart with glee!)

    But what I love about a hand-made gift, is that it brings happiness to both the giver of said gift, as well as the receiver. Well that’s if you love getting stuck into crafting, sewing, making and the like. If not, perhaps you know someone who does, so a crafty, DIY kit could make the perfect present, and once again bring joy to both parties. Out of the two, I am the former- I love making and creating and although I may have slightly underestimated just how many gifts I need to make this year, I’m determined to do the best I can and create something hand-made for all the family.

    This week I’m focusing on all things knitted, crocheted and stitched and I’ve found lots of great ideas to make yourself or to give as gifts.


    If you’re a keen knitter anyway, and you find yourself readily surrounded by wools and yarns, then knitting these cute baubles and stockings as gifts, will save you lots of dosh as the patterns start from as  little as £1.96. Plus they are the gift that keeps on giving as they can be used year after year and your receiver will always think of you when using them. 1. ‘Wesley Bobs’ knitting pattern, £3.75, by Ann Kingstone at Love Knitting. 2. Crochet Christmas baubles pattern, £1.96, by Jane Crowfoot at Love Knitting. 3. Festive Christmas stockings pattern, £2.50, by Janice Anderson at Love Knitting. 


    If you’re a bit of novice when it comes to knitting but you’re keen to learn, then these kits are perfect as they’re aimed at beginners and include simple step by step instructions. TOP: This block-colour cushion cover is perfect for adding a bit of fun and brightness to any home. Masley cushion cover knitting kit, £39, Stitch & Story. BOTTOM: If you know someone who loves to relax and unwind after a busy day of work, then these slippers will go down a treat. Lola pom slippers knitting kit, £28, Stitch & Story.


    A cactus that won’t sting you- physically or financially! Download the pattern, don your crochet needle and give the finished product to that wanna be green-fingered friend who has trouble keeping the real thing alive! Small cactus crochet pattern, £3.94, by Flying Dutchman Crochet Design at Love Crochet. 


    A perfectly modern cross stitch craft kit to make for gin and tonic lovers in your life! This kit contains the fabric, threads, embroidery hoop and needle so you have all you need to make a special gift, for a special friend this Christmas. ‘More Gin Please’ cross stitch kit, £8.95, by The Make Arcade at Etsy


    Pom pons are so easy to make and very addictive. Using these clever little devices from Clover, they literally take minutes to make and in no time at all you’ll find yourself with a whole fleet of fluffy balls. I love the idea of creating this fun and alternative Christmas wreath- the perfect gift for a youngster to hang on their own bedroom door. Head to the Hobbycraft blog to find out how. Clover Pom Pom maker (35mm & 45mm) £5.90, Hobbycraft. 

    Another way you could use your little pom poms is to make a super fun garland. Simply make your poms in your chosen colours and sizes, then thread them onto bakers twine, and voila! Here’s one I made earlier this week, ready to give to my 2 year old nephew for his room!


    None of these ideas float your boat, but you know a friend who’ll go wild with excitement at the thought of getting stuck right in? Then maybe this round up of crafty, DIY gifts will make their Christmas (and yours!) a cracker.



    1. Learn to crochet cushion kit, £42, Mrs Moon. 2. Make a pair of knickers kit, £14.95, The Makery. 3. Traditional wooden knitting dolly set, £3.95, Dotcomgiftshop.  4. Knit your own cushion set, £25, Marks and Spencer.  5. Buttonbag sewing kit suitcase, £22.95, Cuckooland.  6. Knit your own scarf kit, £20, Laura Ashley 7. Butterfly cross stitch kit, £14.99, by Floss and Mischief at Etsy.   8. Finn sewing kit, £22.95, Pippa Blue

    Well I hope you enjoy making, creating or just purchasing some of these crafty Christmas ideas this weekend, I will be looking into the next lot of DIY gift ideas, so check back in next week to find out how I get on making my own candles (cue long evenings spent playing with warm wax!)  and other home-made projects I discover online.

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    Craft room HEAVEN

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    Our spare bedroom is referred to as ‘The Zone’ at present, a room my other half claims he needs ‘for work’. A room that is in actual fact blatantly a PlayStation room. But one day, when he’s out, I’ll redecorate and he’ll come home to find THIS:

    There are so many lovely things in this craft room from our January issue. The Vika table legs and top from IKEA, the laundry bin covered in pretty Cath Kidston oilcloth for storing rolls of fabric, the ribbon spools pleasingly lined up on a length of dowel, the colour-sorted fabrics…SIGH, SIGH, SIGH. – Ellie

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