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    Give your seating a spring-time feel with 5 new floral designs

    by  • Friday, February 26, 2016 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    Furniture favourite Loaf has launched a beautiful new vintage-inspired print – just in time for spring! The aptly named Vintage Rose is the latest addition to its fabric collection, and is the brand’s very first patterned design. The delicate, large-scale floral motif was designed alongside Designers Guild, and has a subtle, time-worn feel for old-school country glamour. Choose from Pink, Dusty Blue or Grey colourways, all set against a natural linen background.


    Medium Bagsie sofa in Pink Vintage Rose, £2,245, Loaf

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    Sneak peek of icon Sue Timney’s new collection for Marks & Spencer

    by  • Sunday, February 7, 2016 • Uncategorized • 1 Comment

    Famed for her maximalist aesthetic and eclectic, quirky designs, Sue Timney has worked in interior design for over 30 years. Her accolades include serving as President of the British Institute of Interior Design, and receiving the Prince Philip Designers Prize for Design of the Year. She’s also worked closely with The Laura Ashley Foundation and collaborated with The Rug Company and House of Fraser, as well as releasing a series of books.


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    A new retro-inspired textile and wallpaper collection from Scion

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    Launched at Déco-Off in Paris over the weekend, British textile and wallpaper brand Scion have created a gorgeous, new, retro-contemporary range of printed fabrics, voiles and wallpapers named Lohko (named after the Finnish word for ‘blocks’), with an assertive, architectural feel.


    Panels (L-R): Plexus 120497 £29.00/mtr, Sula 120471 £29.00/mtr, Lohko 111291 £49.00/roll, Nendo 131818 £36.00/mtr, Lohko 120485 £29.00/mtr, Malva 111312 £39.00/roll, Vector 120481 £29.00/mtr & Tetra 120494 £29.00/mtr                                                                       Upholstery (L-R): Plains One 130458 £31.00/mtr, Plains Six 131236 £35.00/mtr                                                                                                    Cushions: A selection from Lohko, at Scion.

    The graphic Lohko collection features asymmetric motifs, bold slabs of colour and repeating, cut-out geometrics that defy the laws of gravity and proudly break the rules of design. Over-sized abstract boulder motifs, simplistic tulips and linear stem wallpapers are particularly exciting and I love the chic colour combinations used.


    1.Malva wallpaper, 111310 £39.00/roll 2. Lohko wallpaper 111295 £49.00/roll 3. Sula wallpaper 111320 £39.00/roll all Scion.

    Bearing the distinctive style of Scion Designer Hannah Bowen (responsible for the playful and whimsical Guess Who? collection we featured on the blog last September), she has cleverly created energy and movement in her designs though the use of irregular patterns, confident freehand lines and self-assured colour combinations. She explains: quote

    Channeling non-comformity, irrepressible energy and measured exuberance, the collection uses specially-developed slug-textured grounds, emphasising Lohko’s abstract quality and highlights repetition within the shapes, whilst its colour palette channels with a hint of black, and includes new tones for 2016 of Spice, Paprika and Blush.


    1.Modul wallpaper 111305 £39.00/roll 2. Vector wallpaper 111303 £49.00/roll 3. Tocca wallpaper 111317 £37.00/roll 4. Priya wallpaper 111299 £39.00/roll all Lohko at Scion.

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