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    New spring cycling range is a breath of fresh air

    by  • Friday, February 6, 2015 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    It may be freezing outside but have you noticed the days are getting longer? I am so ready for a change in season, early morning bird song and WARM SUNSHINE. When this press release from Cath Kidston landed in my inbox I started to get excited about the summer, being outside all day and pootling around on my bike. Now you may not find me on a pretty upright (I like to go fast!) but I think these designs are fun, especially the Clouds design taken from Cath’s new Breath Of Fresh Air collection…

    Cath Kidston bikes

    1. Bike saddles, £8. 2. Bike basket liner, £25. 3. Clouds Elmridge bike. £399. 4. Reflective cagin a bag, £30, Cath Kidston.

    The bikes are sold through Kingston Bicycles and the accesssories available from Cath Kidston so you could just update your existing bike with a new saddle or bike basket liner. What do you think?

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    The Cath Kidston Appreciation Society

    by  • Wednesday, March 24, 2010 • Decorating and interiors, Lovely websites, News, Stylish shopping • 26 Comments

    Wowzers! Have you seen the latest issue of Cath Kidston‘s catalogue-cunningly-disguised-as-a-magazine?! I thought my love affair with the holy CK was at an end, and I was suffering from EFOS (Extreme Floral Overdose Syndrome), but perhaps I’m not quite over the mighty Cath yet?! Check out this gorgeous green office with sexy desk, amazing vintage map, quirky retro accessories – grrrrr, baby, yeah!

    I like the little London souvenir props throughout this shoot…(it was photographed in Palace Road location house for those that care – I’d know Jane’s bright green dresser anywhere!)…and I’ve fallen big time for the gorgeous new Britannia fabric which has been used to cover the armchair…so cool. Now, we don’t usually feature fashion on HomeShoppingSpy, us being an interiors blog and all, but since this is also a DIY themed shoot – and show-cases some of the beautiful Cath Kidston wallpapers – let’s make an exception!

    Oh, if only I looked as glamorous as these young rosy-cheeked gals when decorating! The sad reality is that I wear paint-spattered Primark pyjama bottoms, an old T-shirt that used to belong to the other half (MASSIVE and MINGING), and a pair of 99p sunglasses instead of goggles because I am ill-equipped and also stingy. SIGH.

    Now, I’m no kill-joy, but it appears these crazy girlies have got a bit distracted from the task at hand! Check out the new Cath Kidston floor tiles in the shot above by the way – woop woop! Phew, all this hopscotch and general merriment, not to mention the mere THOUGHT of actually decorating is SO tiring – tea time! Try the handle, love…

    School-boy error coming up, brace yourselves…oi, wotchit, big foot…

    OOPSY. Are you a Cath Addict? If so, you’ll LOVE this chintzy bathroom…so pretty, but a TAD too much for me!

    And you’ll go weak at your flowery knees for this bedroom beauty…

    I leave you with the PLEASING news that Cath Kidston has just launched a collection of seeds in pretty packets, which are perfect for propping up on a shelf in a shabby-chic shed. Like anyone actually HAS one of those. But you catch my drift. Over and out, blog buddies. – Ellie

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