• Country Living Spring Fair

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    I went to the Country Living Spring Fair last night and it was a really good event. I saw loads of interesting little companies and, despite my worrying bank balance,  I couldn’t resist a spot of shopping! A highlight for me was the lovely Cape Henley stall, where I spotted these cute vintage postcard storage boxes, £10 each.

    tin-box-portugal1I think the fair was a lot quieter than it has been in previous years – perhaps a sign of the recession – but it meant there were no crowds to fight through and the whole experience was much more relaxing than usual! I had a nice chat with Maria from Deckchair Stripes who showed me her gorgeous striped outdoor fabrics. Isobel blogged about the stunning new Deckchair Stripes hammocks a few weeks back, so it was good to see the range in the flesh.


    Her stall really got me in the mood for summer! For more pretty buys, visit the Ideal Home website. – Ellie

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    Batteries that charge in seconds…let's hope

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    I never thought I’d get excited about a battery, but I’ve just read a story on the BBC News website about the new advances in technology that could lead to smaller, lighter batteries being produced that can be charged in seconds. According to the BBC, a new manufacturing method for lithium-ion batteries means production of more energy-saving batteries, for cars and laptops, as they’ll charge in an instant.

    AA Battery



    ‘It only requires simple changes to the production process of a well-known material,’ they say. So how far off are we from this new technology? And does this mean quick-charging batteries for my digital camera? I hope so…I always felt so wasteful disposing of batteries from my digital camera once they’d died, until I got into the habit of using rechargeable batteries – but the problem with those is that I have to plug in the charger and therefore use electricity to charge them up. Bit of a vicious circle. So if batteries that charged instantly were to be introduced it would mean a small step for the environment, but a great leap towards my electricity bills. Can’t wait to see what they come up with – Emily 

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    Make do and mend

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    I’ve been writing a feature about thrifty craft for Ideal Home this week, and got sent this fabulous little book called Make Do and Mend. It’s a reproduction of a wartime Ministry of Information leaflet, first published in 1943.

    make-do-and-mendIt’s packed full of great advice, a lot of which is still relevant today, particularly the cleaning sections. I love the way it’s written – from an article about banishing the ‘moth menace’ to a classic tip about using the tops of old woollen stockings to make ‘cosy underpants for a small boy’ – it’s wonderful!

    Look out for our thrifty craft feature in the July issue of Ideal Home. – Ellie

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