• Wartime tips

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    Do you want to save money? According to new research, six out of 10 people in the UK think a return to a Second World War approach to using resources could curb waste. With this in mind, a new ‘Wartime Spirit’ campaign launched today by the Energy Saving Trust aims to share 1940s tips and tricks for reducing waste and saving pennies. Although wartime ideas may sound old-fashioned at first, in today’s shaky economic climate as we batton down the hatches and tighten our belts, a lot of this advice is still relevant today.

    Dig For Victory Ð Grow You Own Vegetables

    This morning I went to the Imperial War Museum for the launch of the campaign inside a life-size 1940s display house, where I met Energy Saving Trust experts to find out how we can implement energy-saving ideas from the past into our 2009 homes. Here’s a diagram of a 1940s home with some tips:

    picture-2As part of the launch, TV presenter Miquita Oliver (of T4 fame) demonstrated inexpensive wartime make-up, including beetroot juice mixed with beeswax for lipstick! It worked surprisingly well but even in our cash-strapped times, making my own make-do make-up seems like too much effort to me! Think I’ll stick to composting, instead. – Ellie

    Make Do and Mend

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    Revolutionary new gadget records dreams

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    If you’re intrigued by your dreams and always wanted to remember and analyse them, then this new gadget from Firebox could be for you – you simply don the eyemask to record your dreams while you sleep and then play them back on your home TV.

    How does it work? The iREMember Dream Recorder uses advanced technology to wirelessly record your dreams from the eyemask headset to a set top box, which you place next to your bed. It features super high-density EEG electrode clusters so a previously unheard of amount of data can be monitored by the device – so as soon as you fall into REM sleep it automatically starts recording.

    Record your dreams while you sleep

    Record your dreams while you sleep

    Play your dreams back on the TV

    Play your dreams back on the TV

    Can’t wait to try it out tonight! Emily

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    Credit Crunch lingo

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    The new Heals spring/summer brochure landed on my desk last week with the word ‘Chiconomics’ proudly splashed across it, while ‘Recessionista’ (a frugal fashion follower who scouts around for bargains to save money but still manages to dress fabulously) was word of the week recently on the Macmillan Dictionary website. If you want to be cool, you need to get down with the Credit Crunch kids, tap into the zeitgeist and learn the lingo.

    picture-13Over the past few months, as economies have collapsed and banks have gone bust, new Credit-Crunch-related words have been popping up all over the media in TV programmes, press releases and newspapers. This new recession slang heralds the beginning of a global thrift trend; it’s no longer cool to spend big bucks – which is just as well, as most of us are feeling the pinch and counting our pennies.


    Last month, American paper The Financial Post declared: ‘Ostentatious consumption – even for the well-off – is beginning to appear gauche’. So, it’s official – it’s cool to be frugal. I’m finally fashionable! This year, instead of complaining that I can’t afford to go abroad, and moaning about camping in Wales (again), I’ll be showing off at dinner parties (remember: staying in is the new going out) and telling everybody I’m taking an über-cool ‘Staycation’ in the UK instead – it’s all the rage for a Recessionista Frugalista like myself who’s embracing Chiconomics, darling. – Ellie

    For more on ‘Chiconomics’, buy the June issue of Ideal Home magazine :)



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