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    So hot right now…cloud spotting

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    I’ve been cloud spotting, and not just while I stare blankly out of a window trying to come up with another interesting way to describe Christmas decoration no.1018…this weather based shopping report says clouds are forming and for once it’s a welcome sight!



    Storm Clouds wallpaper, £75 per roll, Abigail Edwards


    From left to right: Tofsviva bed linen set, from £15; Ikea; Smaller weather clock in copper, £295, Bramwell Brown; Cloud Lamp, £64, Ferm Living; Clouds container, £28, Rosie Moss;


    A pleasing cloud formation…



    1. ‘Head in the clouds tea towel’, £11.50, by Collectus range, Designer /Makers;  2. Cirrus shelf, £199, by Ibride range, Made in Design; 3. Iso cloud cushion, £15, Made; 4. Weather Diary coffee cup, £16, Marimekko range, John Lewis; 5. Cloud plate, £22, Donna Wilson; 6. Moln cloud grey baby blanket, £20; Farg Form range, Northlight.

    If you are a cloud fan, a niche group you might think… but no, on my travels I discovered some fellow enthusiasts at The Cloud Appreciation Society, so if you don’t want to get caught looking out of windows at clouds, you can stare at them here, Clouds That Look Like Things is my particular favourite.

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    This week we love…

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    Partly ‘cos it’s Friday but also because our Editor Vanessa came running out of her office last week with a trend epiphany, we were on the edge of our seats…what’s it going to be?! Bean bags, was not what I was expecting!

    But sure enough, a little search has turned up a plethora of these squashy, bottom-huggers. I’ve gone for the full array, what’s your bean-baggin’ style?



    Grey Geo Weave Bean Cube, £65, Next




    The Original Special Persian bean bag, £249.95, Fatboy range, Amara




    Neon bean bag, £65, Aspace




    The Piggy Bag, £79, Made




    Metahlowski bean bag, £239.95, Fatboy




    Snake Cool chair, £69, The Range




    Crimson Stripe bean bag, £129.95, Zed Teen





    Yummy Donut bean bag, £100, Woouf range, Amara; Sandwich Kids bean bag, £89;

    Mini Burger bean bag, £100, Cuckooland




    Charcoal fabric bean seat, £160, Next




    Long Haired Sheepskin Family bean bag, £1650, The White Company






    Forest Tree Trunk, £198; Stone pod, £216, both Mero Wings



    Don’t even…The BalSac collection, from £65, Mero Wings













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    New Harris Tweed furniture collection

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    Did you know Harris Tweed is the only fabric in the world governed by its own act of Parliament? What does that mean?? Well, you may already know this but I’ve just found out that The Harris Tweed Authority is a legal body that ensures the famous fabric is made in the right way – all tweed has to be made from pure virgin wool, dyed, spun and hand woven by islanders in their own homes in the Outer Hebrides. Once its ticked all those boxes the tweed is then certified with the Harris Tweed Orb Mark.

    I’m a big fan of the British heritage brand but I never really knew the history and traditional methods behind its production!

    The reason why I’m wittering on about Harris Tweed is that one of our favourite online shops, Rose and Grey love it too and has just unveiled a fantastic furniture collection upholstered in three different tweeds…

    Harris Tweed

    You’ll find three different sofa styles, two armchairs and a handsome footstool. This smart range also comes with hardwood legs, feather filled seat cushions, leather piping and beautiful buttons…


    What do you think of this collection? Have you got space for these beauties in your home? If you love this look, click here to view the whole range and if you decide to buy you can feel good knowing you’re supporting one of the oldest, protected British trade marks.

    From top: Grange Harris Tweed sofa in Bracken, £2,150. Manor House Tweed chair in Bracken, £1,050. Manor House Tweed sofa in Bracken, £1,695. Abbey Slate Tweed footstool, £525, all Rose & Grey. 

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