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    Furniture that works hard, looks good and saves space!

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    In our ever-increasing scramble for space, finding furniture that’s hard-working (while still being good-looking) is creeping up higher and higher on the priority list. Why have a chair that’s just a chair, when it could be a chaise or a day-bed, too? With that in mind, I’ve rounded up some of the best multi-functional buys on the high-street at the moment – perfect for saving space, hiding clutter and still being stylish to boot.



    The super-functional Melo 2 armchair with reclining and sleeping function, £1,349 from BoConcept, is a stylish chair by day, and a compact day-bed by night. Above all, with its modern, angular design, no-one will ever know…

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    So hot right now…cloud spotting

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    I’ve been cloud spotting, and not just while I stare blankly out of a window trying to come up with another interesting way to describe Christmas decoration no.1018…this weather based shopping report says clouds are forming and for once it’s a welcome sight!



    Storm Clouds wallpaper, £75 per roll, Abigail Edwards


    From left to right: Tofsviva bed linen set, from £15; Ikea; Smaller weather clock in copper, £295, Bramwell Brown; Cloud Lamp, £64, Ferm Living; Clouds container, £28, Rosie Moss;


    A pleasing cloud formation…



    1. ‘Head in the clouds tea towel’, £11.50, by Collectus range, Designer /Makers;  2. Cirrus shelf, £199, by Ibride range, Made in Design; 3. Iso cloud cushion, £15, Made; 4. Weather Diary coffee cup, £16, Marimekko range, John Lewis; 5. Cloud plate, £22, Donna Wilson; 6. Moln cloud grey baby blanket, £20; Farg Form range, Northlight.

    If you are a cloud fan, a niche group you might think… but no, on my travels I discovered some fellow enthusiasts at The Cloud Appreciation Society, so if you don’t want to get caught looking out of windows at clouds, you can stare at them here, Clouds That Look Like Things is my particular favourite.

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    Want to find out THE colour for 2016…?

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    Although there’s still plenty of 2015 to look forward to, we’re always keeping our eyes well and truly peeled to see what’s coming next; so we were excited to see what Dulux Colour Futures had in store for the key colour palettes of 2016 and the hotly anticipated announcement of the Colour Of the Year….so here goes!





    So what d’ya think? The colour of the year can often spark some controversial reactions, but surely there can be no haters for this unassuming tone? This muted golden-ochre (when it comes to the collections of colour palettes, muted was the word du jour by the way),  blends beautifully with these earthy, fossil tones yet adds enough of a statement to say look at me!



    And works as a soft contrast to strong colours such as charcoal and dark chocolate brown.



    We were invited to find out more about the 2016 colour trends and it was fascinating to find out where it all begins. An international super group of design gurus gather from various fields; such as graphic design, architecture, textiles, product design to muse over global social and design trends. Starting with an inspiring visit to a national gallery and ending in a book of stunning images of the AkzoNobel Colour Futures.

    Rebecca Williamson, Senior Colour Design & Content Manager at Dulux, explains a little more about how the colour of the year was finalised:

    ‘Gold and tones of gold are being used everywhere in the design world. It is a recurring colour and material at design fairs and in graphic design as well as in architecture, fashion, beauty and interior decorating. For 2016 Cherished Gold is a beautiful next step, a natural evolution and transition from Copper Blush, last years’ Colour of the Year.



    Top: Cherished Gold 20YY 36/270; Middle stipe: 30YY 41/700; Bottom: 45YY 53/151

    We will be bringing you more of the trends 4 trends, but the overarching theme for 2016 ‘Looking Both Ways’, not to get all philosophical on you, but as they quite rightly explain, society is at a crossroads where we’re embracing technology and the future, but there’s no going forward without looking at the past and our heritage.


    Showcased at the presentation were Made, Mockbee & Co and Kit Miles working in collaboration with Dulux to create new projects (below) sparked by this golden tone and the colour palette surrounding it:


    korla11. Sea Lace wallpaper, £130 per roll, designed by Sara Phillips for Mockbee & Co; 2. Diagonal Gradient, design by Kit Miles; 3. Stow collection, from £199, Made.com

    And of course the emails are already coming in thick and fast with “Cherished Gold” suggestions, here’s a few of my faves, I’m not sure they strictly fit the brief, but I think we can say they belong to the gold/ochre family!



    1. Multiblock Cushion in Mustard Yellow, £49.95, Bronte by Moon; 2. Diner pendant, £825, Davey Lighting; 3. Tee Pee basket, £59, Oli Ella; 4. Nixon rug, from £795, Jonathan Adler; 5. Goldie armchair in Mustard, £600, Sofa.com; 6. Feather Fern large drum lampshade, £129, Clarissa Hulse.



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