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    Day (bed) dreaming

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    Rather indulgent for a Tuesday afternoon, but why not! Day beds keep popping into view just lately, with new releases and old, such as the trusty Hemnes from Ikea; I visited my friend at the weekend who has just bought and beautifully styled one with cushions galore, it never fails!

    I’m not sure I’d want someone sleeping (and dribbling) on most of the choices below, but I think they are designed much more for general lounging and lolling and the odd cap-nap.



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    Why you need these webshops in your life!

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    As the year quickly but happily rolls to a close, I feel compelled to share a few of my favourite online launches of 2015. Not only have I been frantically searching them for Christmas presents, I just can’t help myself from browsing the beauty of it all with deep admiration/envy.officeWhere I would ideally, leisurely browse the beautiful webshops at my imaginary pared back desk.

    This collecti of websites, (many of which have real life shops too) all have something in common, not only do they feel like a break from the usual,  they promote individual makers and independent designers, and seek out unique sources as well familiar brands; resulting in an edited choice that tends to be pretty seamless and makes each items feel like a special find.

    They may just help you tick off some of the ‘hard to buy for’ on your Christmas lists!

    (P.S I sooo wanted to include Native & Co, The Future KeptObject StyleAtt Pynta which all launched in 2014, although I’ve only discovered them over the course of this year. They fit perfectly into this category but the post had to end somewhere, they are just too good not give a mention for a browse!).


    Brass scissors, by Hay, £10; Pen Stripe milk pot and sugar jug, £16; nesting dolls, £30; grey wooden lemon juicer, £6.

    Caro, I can only stare wistfully but admiringly at the ‘About’ section and imagine the beautiful instagrammable life within the walls of the lifestyle shop in Somerset, where you can stop for a cuppa and cake. This life is reflected in the edited choice of stationary, kitchenware and homeware on the web-shop, that pair simplicity with a lot of style.


    Windmill throw in slate blue; Semaphore throw in yellow and grey; Herringbone stripe in soft grey and red;  Zig Zag throw in grass; all £58.

    The latest venture from founders and siblings Bethan and Joe John, (who also run Decorator’s Notebook, full of beautiful homeware hand-crafted and ethically sourced homeware), launched just last month. This is your one stop shop for all things blankety and the simple search via the many styles or colours is just too encouraging to find a place for a throw in every room! Made in a small wool mill in South Wales, these locally sourced wool blankets would become life time loves.


    Tool box in red, £30; Seaweed / Geranium hand balm, £18; Small teapot, £59; Macrame plant hanger in green, £45.

    The founders came up with the idea for the shop when moving to smaller homes and having to part with all the accumulated stuff collected over the years, deciding to only keep the items that really mattered. So the shop is an edit of well made, artisan products and it’s about making those items count and become cherished possessions, even the simple every day pieces.


    Alpha concrete table lamp, £88, LJ Lamps range; ‘OH‘ giclee limited edition print, £50, Archie Proudfoot range; Rio cushion, £21, Fest Amsterdam; Tres cork side table in pink, £84, Ga Lula range.

    In this tonal grey and monochrome world that looks so good it’s important to remember that a splash colour is so good for the soul! Featuring furniture, lighting and accessories from independent designers and established brands that may not be on the radar; you’ll find the cool and the colourful at every click.


    Imitation Lamb’s Ear leaves, £7; Radikal scatter cushion, £25; Copper decorative tray, £38; Handmade wooden hairpin legs stool, £95.

    Rather than bombarding you with endless choices, Collectie’s curated pieces will give you the smug feeling that you’re unlikely to find your chosen item in anyone else’s home.  The carefully edited collection come from local makers as well as abroad and it’s almost too easy to pull together a whole look (if you fancied filling a whole room!) but you can be sure that you can will find a piece that feels like a one-off find.


    Metallum rug, £105; Hix II basket, £67; Mezze II, £12 and Mezze I, £9; Our House IV, £47.

    Woven champions British designers, you’ll find familiar names along with new ones, so it’s a breath of fresh air scrolling through the categories. Admittedly there’s some big budget designer pieces but they are mixed in with plenty of affordable finds. The amazing selection of rugs is their forte from the colourful to subdued, patterned and the plain, I defy you not to find one you love.


    Girl and Woodland Friends, £26.95; Light Box, £30; Noel wall banner, £26.95; Dot Dash extra large storage pot, £42.

    You may have come across these lovely ladies in their former guise as The Original Pop up Shop, spreading Christmas magic with beautifully sourced and also handmade decorations. They have re-imagined, re-branded and expanded to include party decs, gorgeous wrapping and stationary, storage and homeware as well as some very cute kids collections.

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