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    With Christmas looming, it’s time to think about putting up extra guests, especially if it’s a week long staycation at your house! Or you might generally be an ‘open house’ kind of place; with friends and family stopping over all the time. If you don’t have the luxury of a spare room and you’re fed up of dragging that blow up bed out every time, then it might be a good time to consider investing in a sofa bed. With options pretty much endless these days, there’s no need to compromise on style.


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    Size up your options:

    There’s no longer a need to limit your sofa bed choice to a small two seater. If you’ve got your sights set on a corner sofa, this smart but seriously sociable corner sofa will seat a large clan for the post Christmas dinner lounging. You’ll just need to roll the overnight guests to one side whilst it transforms into a comfy double sized bed.


    The Restrop 7 seater sofa, from £2,209, Willow & Hall

    We’re loving this Love Seat, the velvet finish makes this a luxurious, loafing place for one; you’d never guess there was a single bed hidden in there, it’s a far cry from a fold up camp bed.


    Pavilion Love Seat, from £1095, Loaf

    For compact spaces, particularly multi-use rooms such as a home office, an arm-free and streamlined design can fit into a snug space but still fold out into a comfortable double.


    Appley 2 seater sofa bed, from £554, Willow & Hall



    What’s your style?

    As Sarah Massouh, founder of Willow & Hall would advise, choose the sofa style you want first…

    Sarah: ‘Any design where you find yourself having to compromise on the look or comfort should be avoided in my view. A sofa bed should look as stylish as a sofa. It’s an important and large purchase so you need to love the look of the sofa bed as much as you would if you were choosing a sofa’.

    Sofa beds are no longer restricted to squared up, simple styles. If a velvet chesterfield is what you want, that is what you’ll have!


    Churchill Chesterfield sofa bed, £1,590, Love Your Home

    The pillowy cushions, linen fabric and sunny yellow all give a super relaxed and squishy finish, there’s no hint of a bed frame hiding under here.


    The Whitby, from £930, Sofa.com

    And yes, you can still satisfy those designer tastes with a statement piece (that holds a practical secret, no one but your over night guests need ever know!)


    Pillowtalk sofa bed, £2,055, Content by Terence Conran 


    Special features for small spaces:

    You might need your sofa bed to work even harder for the room, whether it’s storage or squeezing into a small space.

    There can never be too many storage options, so add this into the mix when you’re considering your new purchase. As well as the bedding for the sofa, it’s a chance to hide all of sorts of living room clutter!


    Ashwell Chaise storage sofa bed, from £1,765, Willow & Hall 

    If you’ve already go your dream sofa and only a small space left for extra seating; this highend fold away comes with a very fancy box. The ‘Bed in a Box’ is a genius solution, available as a double or single. It’s a more pocket friendly answer to a traditional sofa bed, that still allows for a stylish, bespoke finish.


    Hetty Bed in a Box, £530, Sofa.com

    Ok, this isn’t strictly a sofa bed, more  a sofa day-bed, but the compact and contemporary style make this perfect for a flat or kids bedroom.


    Kix double sofa bed, (also available as a single), £245, House by John Lewis


    Creating the right mood:

    To give your guests that five star feeling and transform your living room into a bedroom, set the scene first. Layer up your sofa bed with cosy throws, double deck pillows and turn on a side light for a warm, cosseting glow.


    Burton large sofa bed, from £1,139, Multiyork

    Sarah Massouh suggests another way to cosy up a living room for bed time…

    ‘One way, if you are lucky enough to have the space is to position a large bookshelf or cabinet from floor to ceiling so it acts as a wall-like room divider. An alternative way which takes up less space and also is more cost effective is to put a shoji folding screen. It might not as attractive but you can get some lovely designs and it can be folded back together and stored in the room when privacy is not required’.


    Flip 2 seater sofa bed, £299, DFS

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      I recently purchased a living room sofa that can be turned into a small-sized bed. It feels that I made the right decision by reading this article. Have you considered making DIY sofa beds?

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