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    I’ve finally managed to sit down and re-assess the wonder and endless visual treat that was London Design Week to share with you. There were many events and amazing sights, but I’ve settled on an attempt to sum up at least some of what we saw at Tent and Design Junction; where Holly and I spent the day gawping at everything that caught our eye and snapping away.  With so many new, as well as established designers and brands, this post will be a sort of ordered visual stream of consciousness, but I’ve attempted to make some sense of it and bring you our trend based musings so here are:


    It may seem a basic summary, but we couldn’t get away from natural materials and textures on many of the stands and over all it was WOOD at every corner. If it wasn’t an object or piece of furniture, it was part of the display. There was a lot of natural form vs polished finish;  there were smooth, pale wood, exposed grain, furniture in plywood and oak and walnut.



    (Top) Part of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland showcase Ó by Steven McNamara of Roji; (bottom) Part of the Contemporary Polish Ceramic Design display


    Display by Yask


    (top) Lighting Channels; (bottom) Andreas Bergsaker


    (top)Furniture and brushes, Fimbul; (bottom) Boards from Trefjola


    Natural vs polished (Top) cupboard units Angelo Cavallaro Ebanisteria; (bottom) tables Marzoarreda

     wood-wall(Top) Dome Studio; (Bottom) Evan James Design


    (top) geometric pots Another Studio; (bottom) tables Jiyun Kim


    (top) planter Primary Grey, (bottom) side table Lycan Design


    (top) bench and desk Ted Wood in collaboration with Mylands; (bottom) stacking stools Jeddediah Presland

    Next up is FRAGMENTED STONE, we’ve seen marble, precious minerals and stones influence pattern and design for some time, but this fragmented effect either in fabric design, man made materials or crafted objects seemed to be cropping up all over the shop.


    (top and bottom) rug and textiles Kangan Arora


    (top) Smile Plastics, the plastic sheets are amazingly made from yoghurt pots, foil flecks still included! (bottom) Nest stand in collaboration with 2 Lovely Gays


    (top) tables Olivia Aspinall; (bottom) bowls Sevak Zargarian

    Three of the trends we gathered are closely intertwined, WOOD, LEATHER (coming next) and ARTISAN CRAFT, all appreciating the beauty of natural materials and the new luxury that is artisan-craft made items.

    We saw a lot of nude, buff and caramel coloured LEATHER. It’s been on the horizon for some time, however we saw more designers than ever exploring this tactile material using it in less structured forms; by treating it as a fabric, the leather is woven, or used as belts held together with simple fixtures and fittings


    (top and bottom) Chairs by Gemla


    (top) chair We Do Wood; (middle) containers Daniela Chodilova with Astera part of the Glassmania Bohemian Glass Masters exhibition; (bottom) ladder shelf Jessica Nebel


    (top) From the Tartu At College stand; (bottom) Tom Faulkner


    artist pouches Miolos Design

    The backlash to a throw away society, has given rise in the value of traditional craftsmanship and ARTISAN CRAFT, creating new designs whilst using expertise and traditional materials to create the latest luxury; something unique, unprocessed and sustainable. In the past we’ve seen a particular focus in lighting, but we saw the hand crafter, maker’s mark on everything from furniture to ceramics and textiles. It even extends to the luxury of grinding your own beans and creating the perfect cup of coffee.


    (top) the Goat Story stand;  (bottom) coffee grinder, Nick Munro


    (top)teapot and cups Sue Pryke; (bottom) plates Karina Marusinska


    (top) lighting Janie Knitted Textile; (bottom) stools Boboboom


    (top) cushions Waffle Design; (bottom) blankets Melin Trewynt


    Ó’ marks the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland

    A couple of micro-trends popped up too, a criss cross STRING effect and often bungee rope featured more than a couple of times…


    (top) tables Juwon Seo; (bottom) chair Ptolemy Mann


    (both) bench and shelf Mr. & Mr.


    (top) La Chance (not strictly string but it does create that effect!); (bottom) design installation at Design in South Italy stand

    Ok, ok, nothing new about INDOOR PLANTS, but we’re still loving them and the new ways we found to display them:


    (top) wooden wall planters Tanti; (bottom) printed planters Laura Slater


    (top) Concrete Jungle; (bottom) Casa Matera

    Final one I promise! I’m not quite sure what to call this one, ‘things within lights’ doesn’t seem particularly catchy, ENCASED LIGHTING perhaps. Some of the lights take on other worldly, deep sea personalities such as the gravity defying display from By Luum that floated up throughout the centre of stairs, the jelly fish like Speckled Grey pendants and the ceramic microscopic beings within the lamp from Vezzini & Chen.


    (top) EOQ, (middle) Speckled Grey and Vezzini & Chen; (bottom) By Luum

    Congratulations for making it to the end of this long but hopefully inspiring roll of design! We will share more of what we loved next time Things we loved…

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