• Mini Moderns rug love

    by  • Tuesday, November 27, 2012 • Look what I found • 0 Comments

    These busy patterns hurt my eyes and make me feel a little off balance! But in a good way. I love a zig zag rug, I love these colours and I HEART Mini Moderns, so I’m very happy they have ventured into Rug Land. To tie in nicely with their Backgammon collection these Dhurries are available to buy at the end of December. Could you live with these in your home? Which colourway and pattern would you choose?

    1. Zag Dhurrie in Harvest Orange. 2. Backgammon Dhurrie in Harvest Orange. 3. Backgammon Dhurrie in Washed Denim. 4. Zag Dhurrie in Washed Denim. All £295 each (152cm by 91cm).

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