• Hurrah for the Hoosier!

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    Were you lucky enough to grow up with a Hoosier cabinet in your kitchen? Did you know that’s what they’re called? I didn’t! Forever popular on the antique market, the Hoosier got its name from one of the first companies to produce them in the US – The Hoosier Manufacturing Company. This style of cabinet came onto the scene at the beginning of the 20th century.

    Kitchens were rarely equipped with built in cabinetry back then so this larder-style cupboard was a great storage solution, ideal for compact spaces, and, as the ad below claims, for preventing ‘back ache and kitchen fag’ (anyone experienced kitchen fag!? What the heck IS that?? Answers on a post card please…)

    Anyway, Betty Twyford have decided to reproduce this iconic piece of furniture and it’s available in a variety of lovely Fired Earth paint colours. Ooh-er…

    It looks so authentically retro and, OK, it will set you back £2,300 (!!!) BUT, in it’s defence, it is an extremely well crafted piece with glazed top doors, 50’s style hinges, soft closing doors and a drop down front compartment with a Formica surface. Unlike the originals, that were made from a combo of hardwood and plywood, this is made from quality materials with a luxury hand painted finish. Take a peek on their website to see which colour you would you choose.

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    1. Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 12:06 am

      We had a Hoosier when I was a student sharing a house in the late ’80s and an old 50s fridge. I used to love them.

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