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    Hurrah for Megan Price and her funky Mr PS designs. It’s always refreshing when a new designer hits the interiors scene. Megan’s work is now stocked in Pedlars and we think she’s definitely ‘one to watch’.

    megan priceHer pieces are so colourful, cheerful, and quintessentially British…just the tonic for a dreary Wednesday afternoon. Check out her new raspberry ‘coffee and cake’ designs, and these lovely new greeting cards:

    megan price2

    megan price3I think I’m going to order a set of these and frame them in my kitchen. It’s all about the cheap artwork, folks! I’ll leave you with this pleasing photo pinched from Megan’s blog, showing the coloured inks she uses in her studio:

    6a00d834520b2869e20120a55958bc970b-800wiCheck out that pink, top right – lovely! – Ellie

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