• This season’s most beautiful ceramic buys

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    When discussing new products at Ideal Home HQ, we always end up channelling them into a category: practical or indulgent. A gorgeous vase? Indulgent. A new broom? Practical. Cilit Bang’s latest stain remover… need you ask? Then occasionally, there’s that dreamy product that somehow toes the line between the two camps, and that’s why I love ceramics. We all need kitchenware, but a hand-made, misshapen or patterned plate is also a thing of beauty – meaning it looks great and I can justify the purchase. Here are a few of my favourites to brighten up your table:Dassie-ceramics-interiors-Home-Shopping-SpyThe Pure Joy collection from Dassie delivers pretty much everything I want when it comes to ceramics: the bowls are misshapen, easy to style and handcrafted by artisans. I love the pretty watercolour tones, too – great if you’re after a more understated look. (From £8.75 for a side plate).

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    August hotlist: what we’re wishing for this month!

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    From the world’s most stylish shelf to fuzzy pompoms and a breadboard of dreams, here’s what I’m loving (and why!) this month…

    Whenever the joyful time of becoming a homeowner comes along, they’ll be one house-warming gift I can’t get enough of: breadboards. Wooden, slate, marble – take your pick (I want them all). This dipped black and white ceramic stunner, £22 from Rockett St George, is my latest crush. As display-worthy as it is practical, it’s a total kitchen winner.Rockett-St-George-breadboard-August-hotlist-interiors-Home-Shopping-Spy

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    Time for tea! Serve up in style with gorgeous cake kit and bakeware

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    The summer is finally here and for many of us that means one thing: baking. Our beloved Great British Bake Off is scheduled to return at the end of August, so what better time to break out the recipe books in preparation? But if – like me – your bakes look a little less than Berry-worthy, you’ll need some stylish serveware to give a wonky pavlova a slightly more professional edge. So here are some of my favourites offerings from the high-street – they’re all beautiful and have a brilliantly summertime feel…Tesco-Direct-baking-Ideal-Home-Home-Shopping-Spy

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    Get set for summer with cool camping kit and picnic must-haves

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    The sun’s finally out and we’re all looking forward to a toasty August – cue summer picnics, delicious barbecues and family camping trips. Whatever your preferred method of alfresco summer fun, these are our pick of products if you’re…

    …Heading to the coast
    Beach bound? A deckchair is an abolsute must – this one, £70 from Amara, has a gorgeous coastal vibe. Load up with a picnic hamper, crockery and a portable barbeque and you’re all set for lunch by the sea – look out for melamine tableware to keep your expedition breakage free.


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    July hotlist: what we’re wishing for this month!

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    From a must-have espresso maker to luxe leather detailing and a genius gadget, here’s what I’m loving (and why!) this month…

    There’s something of an abyss between what my dream study looks like and the mad mountain that is my actual desk, so I love a new gadget or solution that makes life a bit easier. This hub of USB ports (Peas hub, €29, Lexon) is one such genius buy. Whether you’re frequently found working in Starbucks, are always uploading photos or constantly need to charge your phone, say goodbye to scrabbling around for a free port at the back of your MacMini – and hello to this little lifesaver.Lexon-tech-July-Ideal-Home-Home-Shopping-Spy

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