• A new gift collection from an oldie (but a goodie)… plus your chance to WIN!!!

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    It may seem like the homes and gift market has become somewhat saturated over the last few years, (although we’re not complaining, we love discovering new companies popping up with more lovely products for us to share and feature!) but one of our long time favs, has to be Dotcomgiftshop. Opening its virtual doors to consumers in 2005, (but running for trade since the 1980’s)  it continues to sell original and stylish prints, gifts and decorations straight to you before anyone else.dotcom1

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    Sneak peek of icon Sue Timney’s new collection for Marks & Spencer

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    Famed for her maximalist aesthetic and eclectic, quirky designs, Sue Timney has worked in interior design for over 30 years. Her accolades include serving as President of the British Institute of Interior Design, and receiving the Prince Philip Designers Prize for Design of the Year. She’s also worked closely with The Laura Ashley Foundation and collaborated with The Rug Company and House of Fraser, as well as releasing a series of books.


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    Monkeying around

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    Happy Thursday! As your reward for making it this far through the week (why is that sad January feeling still dragging into February!) I thought I would treat you to a troop of monkeys….now you weren’t expecting that were you!

    There is something slightly menacing, dare I say nightmarish about them all grouped together like this (my fault entirely!), but like the pineapple and flamingo before it, I think this surprising trend is already growing on me! Although perhaps it’s no coincidence that it’s the Chinese new year of the monkey come Monday.

    N.B. the side effect of this blog post has been the permanent loop of the Specials Monkey Man in my head for the last 2 days.



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    So hot right now….. Desk planners

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    Well thank goodness January is over- longest month EVER!! Now that February is here, I feel like it’s practically Spring (well maybe not quite) and have found a new lease of life and energy and am ready to get organised for the year ahead! (or maybe its just the coffee thats whipped me up into a frenzy this morning….)

    Either way, I can’t hope but notice that lovely desk planners seem to be everywhere at the moment, there to help us all plan out our weeks more efficiently (or maybe just to count down to the weekend), help our time management and increase productivity.

    Here are a few of my hot spots…deskplanners

    1. Weekly planner desk pads, from £11 each, Betty Ettiquette 2. Say so weekly planner, £7.50, Caroline Gardner 3. Pink floral weekly desk pad, £12, Papermash 4. A4 monthly planner pad, £6, Kikki-K 5. Weekly keyboard planner pad, £5.75, Lollipop Designs  6. Hopes, dreams and wishes desk jotter, £9.95, Etsy  7. Weekly desk pad, £10.80, Northlight 8. Weekly planner pad, £9.50, Not on the highstreet


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    Sneak a peek at Lorraine Kelly’s new SS16 range for JD Williams

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    On Wednesday this week, I left the cosy office at Ideal Home HQ and battled the winter winds over Waterloo Bridge – there aren’t many invitations that can lure me outside in January, but afternoon tea at The Savoy is definitely one of them! What’s more (as if home-made scones weren’t tempting enough), it was a chance to discover Lorraine Kelly’s spring/summer 16 homeware range for JD Williams.


    The collection is split into two stylish trends: Coastal Mist, with a cool blue and crisp white palette, and Coast to Glen, with pieces that are reminiscent of Lorraine’s Scottish heritage. Comprising 29 items in total, the range includes bedlinen, lighting, soft furnishings and home accessories, all in an easy-to-use palette of grey, blue and white, interspersed with pops of heather or mustard tones.


    Lorraine pottered round from table to table to spend some time with each of us, talking excitedly about her new homeware range and what it means to her. She says, “This collection is an invitation into my home and interior style… I’m thrilled to share with you a range that is inspired by my own heritage and personal taste.”


    The Coast to Glen range (top) is inspired by natural tones from the Scottish glen, with antique-inspired bronze lanterns. There’s also an adorable Scottie dog motif for a cheerful touch! The Coastal Mist range has a more modern, shoreline feel, with wooden textures, glass lamps and rustic rope details.

    Coastal Mist 2

    Love this range? Check out some the pieces on my wishlist below:


    Shopping credits: 1. Concrete table lamp, £29; 2. Brackley pendant shade, £15; 3. Printed duck cushion, £12; 4. Bronze hanging photo frame, £18; 5. White wooden lantern, £29; 6. Super-soft chunky-knit cushion, £18; all Lorraine at Home range, JD Williams

    The Lorraine at Home collection launches at JD Williams on 21st March 2016

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