• Looking for a new mattress? We might just have the one

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    It seems a new generation of mattresses have sprung up. So what’s going on then…

    They can be squeezed into a compact box and be delivered to your door so you can simply carry the box up to your room;

    You can spend at least 100 blissful (hopefully) nights sleep on it, but if you’re not sure you’re keen you can return it, (lets face it, lying down on a bed, in a shop, fully clothed doesn’t quite count as a proper test)

    These stylish woven covers look just as good without a sheet, sort of like knowing you have a nice and comfortable underwear on beneath your clothes!

    Finally there’s something interesting going on with the layers beneath the surface, each of the companies below have their own formula for the perfect mattress but all are designed with the idea that their mattress will suit everyone no matter size or preference of firmness.

    Who’s in on the act?


    Made have just launched their brand new mattress One by Made and invited me to a cool crash pad in West London, beautifully decked out with their furniture, lighting and of course two ambient and relaxing bedrooms with the brand new One by Made mattress to test out.

    The name was born after gathering a team of sleep experts to test and research hundreds of designs, they arrived at the ONE and believe it’s the mattress that suits all, no matter your size it offers support whether your a side sleeper, front sleeper or relax on your back.



    I definitely prefer a fairly firm mattress with a bit of soft side, so this was the perfect combination. I for ONE can vouch for the layering sciencey bit making for a very good night’s sleep! They work like this…

    Top: Contouring CoolBlue memory foam that gently moulds around your body, but it will bounce back to shape

    Middle: A breathable LayGel latex layer which allows the air to flow through, regulating the temperature, so keeping your warm in winter, cool in the summer

    Bottom: A 17.5cm reflex foam at the base to keep the firmness in the mattress and create a solid base



    I have a half springs half memory foam mattress at home, and this mattress easily topped it in just the one night. With my mattress at home, until I’d slept on it for a long time, I would find myself rolling into the middle of the bed (due to the heavier boyfriend on the other side) and trying to prop myself at the edge. That did finally even out, but only a few months in.

    With the One by Made, I happily sank a little way into the top layer, enough that is was a lovely soft, welcome, but not too much that I was uncomfortable and I felt well supported from beneath. The cool-blue memory foam then bounced back into shape, leaving no trace that I had stayed. And most importantly it felt like the surface was very evenly balanced, no rolling towards the middle!

    This tongue in cheek video says it all when it comes to the average mattress…

    Prices start from £499 for a standard double.


    What else is new….



    The online mattress company Leesa launched this summer in the UK, following success of selling the mattresses in the US.  The founder David Wolfe, decided to redesign the mattress ‘from the inside out’ and to allow people to order straight from the website to the doorstep in a handy box.

    The structure of the top layer of Avena Foam allows for air to flow to keep you cool. The familiar memory foam middle layer provides the body contouring and pressure relief and the dense bottom layer adds the support, strength and structure aimed to suit any sized sleeper.

    Prices start from £590 for a standard double.



    Launched at the start of this year, Eve‘s mission is to create an innovative mattress to challenge ‘the sleepy mattress industry’.  They have also designed a mattress to not only suit people of all shapes, sizes and preferences but bed shapes and sizes too. As well as standard sizes you can order a mattress to fit Ikea beds as well. You can pick special edition covers such as Alice’s Adventures above.

    Their layering works with a Laveo foam top, the flexible memory foam and latex combo work to contour the body and open cell technology allows air to flow for a healthy mattress and to keep you cool. The middle High Resiliance memory foam is a comfort layer that aids with the bounce-backability, and provides softness on top of the sturdy High Density foam base.

    Prices start from £540 for a standard double and £590 for a Ikea double

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    Look What We Found……

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    Add a touch of festive cheer into your home with this sweet, Christmas cushion, from Laura Ashley. Perfect for adding a bit of fun to a guest bedroom or for jollying up a sofa or armchair, it instantly conjures a feeling of seasonal nostalgia with its classic Christmas colours and snowy, alpine resort scene. Sure to be a family favourite year after year, be sure to grab yours now as with Laura Ashley’s current 30% off promotion, it costs just £28!

    For more festive gift ideas and finds, make sure you don’t miss our post next week as we reveal our Top 10 buys from Laura Ashley this Christmas.

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    Get creative this Christmas with an alternative Advent calendar!

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    Whilst the joys of a traditional Advent calendar are not to be sniffed at (Ferrero Rocher before breakfast, anyone?) this December the high-street is full of brilliant alternatives to the classic chocolate-filled varieties. If you fancy doing something creative for a loved one this season, or just dodging the sweet treats altogether, here’s a round-up of some of the best alternative Advent calendar ideas:


    This stunning Christmas display box (£135, Bloomingville range, Out There Interiors) is made up of generous-sized cubbies to fill with your own treats. Experiment with dinky gifts such as candles, jewellery and biscuits, using any spare holes to display errant baubles and trinkets, then stand in the hallway to give guests a stylish welcome.


    To give your scheme a slightly more industrial vibe, opt for this zinc village Advent calendar (£62, Rowen & Wren). For a creative project this weekend, try writing 24 little tasks, such as, “Give a stranger a compliment” or “Get back in touch with an old friend”, then pop a gold coin under each note for when the challenge has been completed. A lovely way to spread a little Christmas cheer!IkeaIkea never fails to inspire when it comes to the holiday season, and this ingenious reworking of the Komplement hanger (£4.50, Ikea) is no exception. To make your own, number 24 Torkis pegs (£2.50 for 30, Ikea), then attach mismatched woollen socks to the hanger, before stuffing them with pocket-sized gifts for your little ones to tear into each morning.


    Count down the days to Christmas in style with a Nutcracker-inspired jewellery Advent calendar (£18, Oliver Bonas). Open to reveal an unadorned gold bracelet, then discover 23 compartments each containing a daily charm to attach to the chain.


    For an Advent calendar that gives back, Oxfam and ParcelHero have teamed up with 25 renowned artists to create a calendar of unique boxes filled with handmade gifts. For your chance to make it yours, head online to ParcelHero’s official eBay site – bidding ends on November 26th! All the money raised goes to Oxfam, so it’s a brilliant way to do a little bit of good this Christmas.

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    Get crafty this Christmas. Part one: Get your knit/crochet/stitch on

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    This Christmas I have adopted a ‘hand-made only’ rule to all the chrimbo gifts I shall be giving to nearest and dearest- mainly in an effort to save as much money as possible for 2016 (rather insanely a wedding and house purchase have been planned for the same year- *gulp*) but also because I am fed up with just buying ‘stuff’ and ‘things’, which no matter how much appreciated, at the end of the day, it’s just another top/CD/necklace/book/game to add to the pile and I refuse to add to the consumer craziness that is the Christmas spending spree. (sorry, mini rant over, everything else about Christmas fills my heart with glee!)

    But what I love about a hand-made gift, is that it brings happiness to both the giver of said gift, as well as the receiver. Well that’s if you love getting stuck into crafting, sewing, making and the like. If not, perhaps you know someone who does, so a crafty, DIY kit could make the perfect present, and once again bring joy to both parties. Out of the two, I am the former- I love making and creating and although I may have slightly underestimated just how many gifts I need to make this year, I’m determined to do the best I can and create something hand-made for all the family.

    This week I’m focusing on all things knitted, crocheted and stitched and I’ve found lots of great ideas to make yourself or to give as gifts.


    If you’re a keen knitter anyway, and you find yourself readily surrounded by wools and yarns, then knitting these cute baubles and stockings as gifts, will save you lots of dosh as the patterns start from as  little as £1.96. Plus they are the gift that keeps on giving as they can be used year after year and your receiver will always think of you when using them. 1. ‘Wesley Bobs’ knitting pattern, £3.75, by Ann Kingstone at Love Knitting. 2. Crochet Christmas baubles pattern, £1.96, by Jane Crowfoot at Love Knitting. 3. Festive Christmas stockings pattern, £2.50, by Janice Anderson at Love Knitting. 


    If you’re a bit of novice when it comes to knitting but you’re keen to learn, then these kits are perfect as they’re aimed at beginners and include simple step by step instructions. TOP: This block-colour cushion cover is perfect for adding a bit of fun and brightness to any home. Masley cushion cover knitting kit, £39, Stitch & Story. BOTTOM: If you know someone who loves to relax and unwind after a busy day of work, then these slippers will go down a treat. Lola pom slippers knitting kit, £28, Stitch & Story.


    A cactus that won’t sting you- physically or financially! Download the pattern, don your crochet needle and give the finished product to that wanna be green-fingered friend who has trouble keeping the real thing alive! Small cactus crochet pattern, £3.94, by Flying Dutchman Crochet Design at Love Crochet. 


    A perfectly modern cross stitch craft kit to make for gin and tonic lovers in your life! This kit contains the fabric, threads, embroidery hoop and needle so you have all you need to make a special gift, for a special friend this Christmas. ‘More Gin Please’ cross stitch kit, £8.95, by The Make Arcade at Etsy


    Pom pons are so easy to make and very addictive. Using these clever little devices from Clover, they literally take minutes to make and in no time at all you’ll find yourself with a whole fleet of fluffy balls. I love the idea of creating this fun and alternative Christmas wreath- the perfect gift for a youngster to hang on their own bedroom door. Head to the Hobbycraft blog to find out how. Clover Pom Pom maker (35mm & 45mm) £5.90, Hobbycraft. 

    Another way you could use your little pom poms is to make a super fun garland. Simply make your poms in your chosen colours and sizes, then thread them onto bakers twine, and voila! Here’s one I made earlier this week, ready to give to my 2 year old nephew for his room!


    None of these ideas float your boat, but you know a friend who’ll go wild with excitement at the thought of getting stuck right in? Then maybe this round up of crafty, DIY gifts will make their Christmas (and yours!) a cracker.



    1. Learn to crochet cushion kit, £42, Mrs Moon. 2. Make a pair of knickers kit, £14.95, The Makery. 3. Traditional wooden knitting dolly set, £3.95, Dotcomgiftshop.  4. Knit your own cushion set, £25, Marks and Spencer.  5. Buttonbag sewing kit suitcase, £22.95, Cuckooland.  6. Knit your own scarf kit, £20, Laura Ashley 7. Butterfly cross stitch kit, £14.99, by Floss and Mischief at Etsy.   8. Finn sewing kit, £22.95, Pippa Blue

    Well I hope you enjoy making, creating or just purchasing some of these crafty Christmas ideas this weekend, I will be looking into the next lot of DIY gift ideas, so check back in next week to find out how I get on making my own candles (cue long evenings spent playing with warm wax!)  and other home-made projects I discover online.

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    Get a personal home shopper with House to Home’s Product Finder

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    I love a statement rug; apart from adding warmth to hard flooring, it can give an otherwise plain room an extra dimension of colour or pattern and pull the room together for a complete, finished look.




    So, feeling inspired by Ideal Home’s beautiful room shots and the rugs above; I thought I’d put House to Home’s brand new Product Finder to the test and see how quickly I could find similar rugs.

    It was really simple and I found some almost spot-on matches! I just went through the search options by: ‘Product’ and ‘Budget’ and found this gorgeous geometric for a bit of a bargain. I then scrolled through the ‘Latest Rugs’ and amongst many other covetable designs, found this square patterned look-a-like.



    Elements Geo Cotton Dhurry Rug, £70, Dunelm; Frankie Modern Rug,  £100, Plantation Rug Company range at Houseology


    This is where the new House to Home Product Finder comes into it’s own. You don’t need to spend hours flicking back and forth from various brand websites to find what you want. The Product Finder Experts have collated and edited their picks of some of the best options of furniture, home accessories, lighting and appliances from a huge selection of retailers. To get straight to the product you want, you can simply narrow the search options down by Colour, Style, Room and Product.



    Next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect piece of furniture, get to it super fast with Product Finder; that is unless you get drawn into the plethora of Expert Edits and you’ve racked up a very long wish list before you know it!

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